Why Senior Marketing Specialists Should Be Your FMO

Why would an agent work through an FMO instead of working directly?

Get insight from Clayton in Agent Outreach at Senior Marketing Specialists about what makes working with an FMO worth it. 

Advantages of having Senior Marketing Specialists as your FMO:

Maximizing Carrier Incentives

Ask your upline – “What will you do to ensure I am taking advantage of all the carrier bonuses such as trips and monetary bonuses?”

Senior Marketing Specialists will keep you current on your carrier bonuses and trips, but we don’t stop there! We also track your progress and inform you if you are close to hitting a goal. Imagine being 3 apps away from spending your summer sunbathing in Miami and missing out because you didn’t know your summer get-away was that close to becoming a reality. We will not let that happen.



We always want to make sure your paycheck is correct. We perform regular contracting audits to make sure you are always getting the most out of your business. We work with the carrier contracting qualifications to move you up contract levels as soon as you are eligible. When you grow and succeed, we grow and succeed – it’s a partnership!


Agency Building Resource

Are you thinking about expanding your business by adding more office staff? What about adding downline agents? We are here for you! We offer different tools and resources to make hiring, training, and motivating easy, so you can focus on taking care of your clients.


Carrier Contact

Our Key Partnerships Team sustains the strong relationships and communications with our carriers and their field representatives. They also introduce the necessary contacts for you to be successful. If an issue arises, we utilize these channels and relationships to expedite a solution! We also run regular certification reports to guarantee annual certification information is received by the carriers and to ensure compliant selling.


Medicare and Policy Support

Why wait hours for an answer to one quick question? Why ask a carrier the same question repeatedly to see how many different answers you get? The Senior Marketing Specialists Support Team is ready to help YOU! You can rely on them throughout the sale process and to answer questions about Medicare, underwriting, enrollments, benefits, compliance, pending applications, and more. There is no question our team cannot answer!


Agency Coaching

Have you ever wanted a business coach but could not justify the cost? Our Accounts team has you covered! We help our agents develop and implement business, marketing, and networking strategies specific to the Medicare market! They are YOUR business coaches! The best way to help with your prospecting needs is to work on your individual business and growth strategy. We become familiarized with you, your business, and market to find what suits best.


Enrollment Express

Combat AEP through our useful tool, Enrollment Express. With this platform, write all MA/PDP business that you have contracted through Senior Marketing Specialists with one, simple e-application! Do you have a long list of prescription drugs for a client or find comparing networks and plans difficult? Save the drug list on Enrollment Express and compare plans to find the best fit for your clients.



Creating quality marketing materials can be one of the most difficult things for an independent agent to produce. Our Marketing team is constantly working behind the scenes for our agents! We’ve done the hard part for you by designing personalized marketing pieces made specifically with the Medicare market in mind. These materials are available to Senior Marketing Specialists contracted agents at no cost.


Specific Carrier & Product Training

We offer training that is clear, concise, and effective. Senior Marketing Specialists University is the first choice for seasoned market veterans, brand-new agents, and everyone in-between. We believe you should set your own pace and focus, so we grouped our trainings by product for easier navigation and access.


Application Reviews

Are you tired of running from appointment to appointment during AEP? We can scrub your MAPD apps! Our Enrollment Team reviews, scrubs, and ensures everything is orderly before submitting to the carrier!

Whether you have questions on writing an app, underwriting, or business strategies, call Senior Marketing Specialists. We will be happy to help you out!

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