Application Submission:

2017 Emodel Agreement and Application Cover Sheet

2017 UnitedHealthcare Application Submission Fax Numbers and Addresses



General Information:

UnitedHealthcare Local Market Manager Contact List


Events, Presentations & Materials:

1557 UnitedHealthcare Event Disclaimer (Required to be posted at all formal/informal events)

UnitedHealthcare Sales Event Request Form

UnitedHealthcare Event Reporting Guide (from FOCUS news)

UnitedHealthcare Sales Event Compliance Checklist

UnitedHealthcare Secret Shopper Agent Tool

UnitedHealthcare Agent Marketing Plan Guide

UnitedHealthcare Agent Toolkit Walkthrough

Client presentations, including “Hello Clarity”  can be found on the Agent Toolkit, see the walkthrough above for more info.



Annual certification cutoff date to receive renewal commissions: December 31, 2016

2017 UnitedHealthcare Certification Walkthrough (From SMS)

UnitedHealthcare Video Certification Walkthrough

2017 Certification User Guide from UnitedHealthcare

2017 AHIP UnitedHealthcare Certification Guide (From SMS)



UnitedHealthcare Agent Portal – ( certify, order supplies, create marketing pieces, check pending business, check commissions, etc.


Provider & Formulary Look Up: 

Provider and Drug Lookup

CIP Provider Look Up