Welcome to the 2017 AEP Toolbox!

Here you will find all the links and resources you need to have an efficient and compliant AEP!

Carrier Resources

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Note: UnitedHealthcare Compliance prohibits us from including any information regarding their products or services in this toolkit, please call us for information regarding UnitedHealthcare.


Senior Marketing Specialists AEP Planning Guide

We designed this guide to give agents a better understanding of the Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment Period, what marketing in AEP looks like, great ideas, sample letters, and general tips and tricks to excelling this AEP. AEP Tool Box Button

AEP Marketing

  • Stay on Current Coverage Letter – Send this to clients to urge them to remain on their current coverage. (cannot be sent prior to October 1st)
  • Change Coverage Letter – Send this to clients as a suggestion to review and switch plans. (cannot be sent prior to October 1st)
  • 2017 Appointment Form – Set your next appointment before you leave the appointment!
  • Strategic Planning Tool – The Medicare Enrollment Dashboard: Monitor enrollment statistics issued by CMS while developing your business plan for AEP and beyond.
  • Take advantage of the Free, Compliant, and Customizable pieces with UnitedHealthcare, Mutual of Omaha, and Medico. Call for a walkthrough, 800-689-2800.
  • Medicare Publication 11220 – Yearly Medicare Plan Review
  • Pharmacy Network Flyer (Professional Use Only)
  • Plan Leaving Area 2017 (for use only after October 1, 2016)
  • Rx List Request Letter – To be used to request an Rx list from your clients to run PDP comparisons

General Resources

Basic Certification Videos


Quote Engine Walkthrough


Fill the Gap! Use the Senior Marketing Specialists Quote Engine to help your clients supplement the co-pays of their Medicare Advantage plan!


Visit our Compliance Compass for resources and materials to keep you up to date on compliance issues, trends, and job aids.

Ancillary Products

Hospital Indemnity – Free whitepaper & other resources to help you cross-sell HIP

AEP Guide – Medico has put together a quick AEP guide to selling Medico products