Welcome to the digital age; where smart phones are essential and it’s nearly impossible to escape media. As an insurance agent, it’s time you took advantage of this! With the world of applications, widgets, and other multi-device programs exploding, we thought it was time you learned what your phone can do for your business. Senior Marketing Specialists constantly strives to harness the best technology out there and it’s our mission to help you do the same. While there are hundreds of apps that claim to be essential to insurance agents, we are showcasing some we feel are great for our agents.


6 Top Smart Phone Apps for Agents

  1. SMS Quote Engine: We may be a tad biased, but this quote engine rocks. With the capability to compare multiple products, customize quotes with your clients’ information, and pair a Medicare Advantage plan with a Hospital Indemnity plan, this app is the ultimate sales tool. Simply search “SMS Quoting Tools” in the iOS or Google Play store to download the app. If you prefer to quote via desktop, no worries! You can also access the SMS Quote Engine online. Learn more here!
  2. Evernote: This program allows you to take notes, save photos, organize files, and more on the go! Because Evernote is compatible across devices, it makes for a great information and brainstorming hub. Need to document client notes? See a marketing piece you like? Can’t forget to pick up milk? Document and save all these tid bits in corresponding notebooks. You can even set reminders. Evernote is free when you sync two devices. If you wish to sync more than two, there is an upgrade fee.
  3. HootSuite: This is a social media management tool to help make your life easier. Instead of having to log into your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter separately to post an interesting piece, do it all at once with HootSuite. Interact and schedule posts on multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Foursquare from one page. The basic account is free and a “Pro” account starts at $9.99 per month. For the average individual agent, a basic account will work just fine!
  4. Pushover: If you’re drowning in notifications on every device from your phone to your desktop, you may consider Pushover. This app allows you to redirect notifications from multiple platforms all to a central location. This way, you’ll never miss that meeting reminder or an important email. You can organize and send messages straight from your phone in response to a notification from any synced device. Pushover has a free seven day trial, but after that there is a $4.99 purchase required.
  5. Google Translate: It would be a shame to turn someone away because you don’t speak their language. Google Translate allows you to speak, type, scan, or draw to help you communicate with a speaker of a different tongue. While we don’t recommend marketing yourself as bilingual, Google Translate may come in handy if you have a walk-in that speaks broken English or a different language. Chances are, if they came to you, they have an idea of what they need. Google Translate is a free app.
  6. MileIQ: This is an automatic mileage tracker that takes the paper and guesswork out of your business trips. You don’t even have to fill in your stop and start times. Simply start the app at the beginning of your day and the GPS keeps track of when your car starts and stops. This app is great for door-to-door and in-home client visits. It can also be a money saver considering IRS tax deductions! MileIQ allows you to categorize drives, print mileage logs, and program your work hours at a low cost. The download itself is free, but there are in-app purchases.


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Disclaimer: Senior Marketing Specialists is not affiliated or partnered with numbers 2 through 6 of the above list. Senior Marketing Specialists is also not responsible for app store price changes or dissatisfaction with app performance regarding list numbers 2 through 6. 


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