Why Offer Life and Annuities?

We are very proud to partner with the Annuities and Life Department of our parent organization, MMG, Inc. to bring you competitive and complete Annuity and Life packages. So what are annuities and life policies and how can they help your client and help you, the agent? Life and Annuities are products that allow your clients to provide financial protection for themselves and their loved ones. Value is built into these products by explaining to your prospective client that their own money is built up in a way that will continue to support them when it’s needed. Annuities are products that provide a safe place for your clients’ money. They allow clients to prepare for retirement through investment of their money and 401k rollovers. Annuities generally fall into tax-deferred annuities or immediate income annuities. These products generally offer higher interest rates compared to Certificates of Deposits (CDs) offered by banks. Annuities can also have prescribed beneficiaries to give your client piece of mind that their families are taken care of after their passing. As well as providing a sense of security and value for your client, annuities can be a substantial windfall for you, the agent. In addition to annuities, life insurance products can provide security for your prospective clients. Life insurance products can give your client peace of mind by providing their loved ones with immediate financial protection. In the event of a client passing away, life insurance policies provide money directly to their beneficiaries. The money provided to your client’s beneficiaries can be used for making up lost income, funding a child’s education, paying off debts, or final expenses. Both annuities and life insurance policies are “legacy” products. They provide value for the client by leaving a legacy of security for their beneficiaries. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned agent with your own agency or a fledgling agent just trying to decide how to leave your mark on the market, SMS can help.

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