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A Human Connection – Featured Guest Cody Askins

Join JoAnn as she sits down with one of the biggest influencers to hit our industry, Cody Askins, Founder of 8% Nation. Learn where Cody got the confidence and drive to accomplish what no one else had been able to do in this industry. So many great lessons are shared, and it’s worth a listen just to hear “a day in the life” of Cody Askins. You’ll want to have a notepad ready for this one!

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Caleb Sumner

Join JoAnn as she talks with Caleb Sumner, Owner and President of Sumner Insurance Agency. Caleb has a passion like no other for his clients, his community, his family, and mentoring others in this industry. Learn where Caleb fuels this passion and commitment and the 49 “friends” that keep him humble!

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Alicia Hanson

Join JoAnn as she talks to Alicia Hanson, the National Sales Director at Mutual of Omaha, about her career at Mutual, how her parents shaped her work ethic and the one thing she did with her mother before she passed that was so special and something we should all do!

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Mike White

JoAnn is joined by Mike White, the President of AIMC, but more importantly, a mentor to so many. Mike has built, shaped, and mentored thousands of people in this industry, as well as the other platforms that he and his wife, Anne, lead. Listen to why Mike and JoAnn both feel this is the best time in their lives and in their careers.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Mari Rose Tautimes

Join JoAnn and her guest, Mari Rose Tautimes, Entrepreneur. From building the family business to building her own business and family, Mari is a master communicator and one of the best visionaries. Don’t miss her emotional walk through her incredible journey.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Dan McNerney

Join JoAnn Wray as she talks with Dan McNerney. Dan has had many titles in his career and has been the mentor of countless people within our company and this entire industry. Listen in as Dan and JoAnn explore their journey together in creating Senior Marketing Specialists and the lessons learned along the way.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Rachael Hurtado

Join JoAnn Wray and her guest Rachael Hurtado. Rachael has had a tremendous career and is now one of the most influential people within UnitedHealthcare. Rachael shares some incredible perils of wisdom in balancing the incredible career she has with family and all the responsibilities that come with each.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Anthony Chapman

Join JoAnn Wray as she talks with Anthony (A.C.) Chapman. AC has been the “coach” to countless people in this industry. From the lessons he learned early in his career from his mom to being a mentor to so many, AC shares his best analogies and words of wisdom.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Kim Clark

Join JoAnn Wray as she talks with Kim Clark. The conversation isn’t about the business side, but the human side of this business in this tremendous industry.

A Human Connection – Featured Guest Kathy Price

Join JoAnn Wray, and her guest, Kathy Price as they share some of the disciplines that have made them both very successful, but more importantly, they share the human side of being in this industry. 

Special Edition – Compliance 101

Listen in as Senior Marketing Specialists own Dan Mangus and Chalen Jackson discuss how to make sure you and your staff are staying compliant.

Elite Cast #26 – What Are You Doing That Google Can’t?

JoAnn Wray is joined by Dan Mangus to let you know what you can bring to the table that’s different from everyone else in the industry. 

Elite Cast #25 – Created From Appreciation & Recognition

JoAnn Wray is joined by Chris Kiley, Vice President of Senior Marketing Specialists, to discuss the “bus” filled with SMS employees and how they loaded it up.

Elite Cast #24 – Where It All Started

JoAnn Wray and Dan Mangus look back on the beginning of their careers and the valuable lessons they learned from their most important mentors; their parents. 

Elite Cast #23 – What Could Be Secretly Killing Your Business

JoAnn Wray and Dan Mangus talk about focusing on the reputation of your business to ensure it continues to thrive. 

Elite Cast #22 – How “ACE” Has Been Our North Star

JoAnn and Dan are joined by Senior Support Specialist Matt Bietsch with tips on how to go the extra mile to give the best customer experience. 

Elite Cast #21 – Important Factors That Lead To Success

JoAnn and Dan share the 2 things they do each day that have helped lead them to success. 

Elite Cast #20 – What is Your Why?

JoAnn Wray and Dan Mangus discuss growth, both personal and business, and making yourself promotable in the process. 

Elite Cast #19 – Think Big This AEP

JoAnn Wray and Dan Mangus discuss the importance of thinking big and growing your agency throughout AEP rather than staying sedentary.

Elite Cast #18 – The New Normal During AEP Prep

JoAnn Wray and Dan Mangus discuss how everyone in the senior insurance industry can stick together leading up to AEP and beyond. 

Senior Marketing Specialists medicare FMO an integrity company logo

Elite Cast #17 – Big Announcement from SMS

JoAnn Wray and David McNerney announce Senior Marketing Specialists’ new partnership with Integrity Marketing Group. Learn what that means for the company as well as our agents!

Elite Cast #16 – Managing Yourself to Lead Others

JoAnn Wray and Dan Mangus discuss how to manage your time, goals, and staff in order to be a good leader. 

Elite Cast #15 – Leadership During Troubling Times

JoAnn Wray and Dan Mangus discuss what leadership looks like in 2020 through conflict.

Elite Cast #14 – The Show Must Go On(line)!

JoAnn brings on Amanda Griffin and Olivia Richardson to discuss the 2020 VIRTUAL Senior Sales Summit-The Show Must Go On!

Elite Cast #13 – Life After COVID-19

JoAnn is joined by Dan McNerney, President of McNerney Management Group, to discuss how their agency is “coming back” after COVID-19 and how they have been permanently affected in a positive way.

Elite Cast #12 – An Audit of Your Portfolio

Dan Mangus and Matt Carson discuss what it takes to have the portfolio of a expert agency.

Elite Cast #11 – A Bright Side to COVID-19

JoAnn and Dan discuss what your agency should look like in a world after a pandemic. 

Elite Cast #10 – Are Your Clients Hearing From You?

JoAnn and Dan discuss your agency during COVID-19 and what message your clients should be hearing. 

Elite Cast #9 – Navigating the Information from COVID-19

JoAnn and Dan discuss the overwhelming amount of information being distributed about COVID-19, some of which considered completely inaccurate. What are you doing to keep your clients informed?

Elite Cast #8 – Your Agency During a Pandemic

JoAnn and Dan practice “social distancing” while working remotely to discuss what COVID-19 could mean for you clients, your sales, your staff, and our industry.

Elite Cast #7 – Are You Promotable?

JoAnn and Dan discuss looking at your agency in a holistic way to make sure the ride can continue if you step away from the steering wheel. 

Elite Cast #6 – Working with the Largest Player in the Game

JoAnn and Dan discuss Senior Marketing Specialists relationship with United Healthcare and how the decisions made decades ago have affected the industry today. 

Elite Cast #5 – Road to the National Senior Sales Summit

JoAnn is joined by Senior Marketing Specialists’ Executive Director of Marketing, Amanda Griffin, to discuss what it takes to put on the largest training, networking, and coaching event in the senior market; known as the National Senior Sales Summit. 

Elite Cast #4 – Running Your Business

JoAnn, President of Senior Marketing Specialists, and Dan Mangus, Vice President of Sales, discuss owning your own company- from staff to customers, systems, process, and more. 

Elite Cast #3 – Your Agency’s Front Line

JoAnn, President of Senior Marketing Specialists, and Dan Mangus, Vice President of Sales, discuss how your staff can contribute to the best or worst first impression for your current and new clients.

Elite Cast #2 – Being the Expert

JoAnn, President of Senior Marketing Specialists, and Dan Mangus, Vice President of Sales, discuss what it looks like to be an expert in the Medicare industry. More importantly, how to stand out from your competition.

SMS senior marketing specialists medicare FMO contracting team

Elite Cast #1 – Expanding Your Agency

JoAnn, President of Senior Marketing Specialists, and Dan Mangus, Vice President of Sales, discuss what growing your agency can look like including adding downline agents and administrative staff.