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talkingMEDICARE 5/30/16

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talkingMEDICARE with Mangus A Publication of Senior Marketing Specialists May 30, 2016 edition CMS Requires You to Register Website Any MA/PDP agent that has a website must be registered with each MA/PDP carrier they are appointed with. As an example, below are some of the materials UHC has put out

T-Minus 23 Hours: Sales Summit Blast Off!

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If you could see the office here in Columbia, you’d know that something big was happening, even if you had never been here before. The Senior Marketing Specialists Sales Summit is not just the biggest event we plan but it’s the biggest sales expo in the senior insurance market. Everyone

Important Compliance Reminders

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Key Topics This Month Seminars Make sure if you schedule a seminar, you are showing up! CMS and insurance carriers have their own secret shoppers who are attending and making sure they are compliant (make sure your presentations and materials are compliant) and completed. Non-Licensed Agency Staff Medicare Advantage and

10 FAQs: Medicare’s Role in End-of-Life Care

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From the Kaiser Foundation About three-quarters of the 2.5 million people who die during the year in the US are ages 65 and older, making Medicare the largest insurer of health care provided during the last year of life.1 In fact, roughly one-quarter of traditional Medicare spending for health care

Medicare Dual Eligible Marketing Resources

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Even when AEP (Annual Election Period) is closed, there are still numerous opportunities to offer Medicare Advantage plans to your clients.  One popular market is the Dual Eligible (Medicare + Medicaid) market. Many carriers offer a Special Needs Plan (SNP) specifically designed for those who are full Medicaid and have Medicare