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A Year of Giving at Senior Marketing Specialists

We believe supporting the community and non-profit organizations in our area is crucial to being a business worth doing business with. Senior Marketing Specialists’ 12 Months of Giving program was created by employees to impact positive change with local charitable organizations.

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Why an FMO?

Why would an agent work through an FMO instead of working directly? Get insight from Clayton in Agent Outreach at Senior Marketing Specialists about what makes working with an FMO worth it.

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Using Medicare Publications

As an advisor to individuals on Medicare or advising a caregiver to someone on Medicare, you require accurate information. One of the best reference tools for you to share with them is Medicare publications.

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COBRA Continuation Coverage

COBRA coverage is an extremely date sensitive topic. For more information on your clients’ COBRA qualifications and how it affects their Medicare coverage, see the CMS, Medicare, and Department of Labor resources sited in this article.

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Agent Connect Facebook Group​

Our exclusive Facebook group is designed to make it easy for agents to campaign on Facebook. Agent Connect provides engaging industry-relevant posts and images for our contracted agents that can be copied and pasted to your own Agency’s page.

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Thank You & Happy Holidays

This has been an especially rough year, filled with daily challenges, both great and small. But this has also been our best year yet—thanks to you, our agents.

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As your Medicare FMO, we have one goal - to do everything we can to help our independent agents become successful in the Senior Market.