Your guide to Wellcare, Aetna, and Silverscript Contracting and Certifications

Updated 10/31/2019

With numerous moving parts and the expanding preparation agents are facing leading up to AEP, we wanted to make sure that the information regarding several carrier mergers and sales was clear and concise.

Below you will find information regarding contracting and certification requirements to continue to receive commissions on your book of business on the big 3 in senior insurance merger news. 


What You Need to Know Right Now


Aetna Medicare Advantage

Update #1  |  If you have any Aetna PDP business on the books, it will be transferred under Wellcare for 2020. Please make sure you are contracted/ready to sell with WellCare in order to maintain your commission renewals for any Aetna PDP business you have.

Update #2  |  While on the certification website, a link will be provided to take you over to SilverScript for their PDP certifications. There will be no Aetna branded PDP for 2020.



Update #1  |  In order to continue to be able to sell for 2020, as well as receive commissions – you MUST be contracted with Aetna MA. If you have Aetna MA through a different hierarchy, your SilverScript contract will be moved automatically to that hierarchy. Any current business you have will not be affected by this change and will remain under the original hierarchy.

Update #2  |  While on the certification website, a link will be provided to take you over to Aetna for their MA certification



Update #1  |  Wellcare purchased Aetna’s stand alone PDP book of business. As stated above, if you have existing Aetna PDP business that you wish to continue to get paid on you need to contract and certify with Wellcare

Update #2  |  Wellcare was purchased by Centine on 3/27. No further information as this time – will keep everyone updated as more becomes available.


Centene and WellCare Announcement (October 22, 2019): 


“Centene Corporation (NYSE: CNC) (“Centene”) and WellCare Health Plans, Inc. (NYSE: WCG) (“WellCare”) today announced that the New York Department of Financial Services and Department of Health have each approved Centene’s pending indirect acquisition of New York domiciled WellCare insurance subsidiaries, bringing the total number of states to approve the transaction to 25.”


If you need to add any contracts to ensure your renewals or build your book of business give us a call at (800) 689-2800 or email contact@smsteam.net.