This powerful sales, enrollment, call recording, and marketing system features game-changing technology that’s simple and easy to use. With benefits that can help agents maximize their potential.

  • A robust Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.

  • The ability to text and record client phone calls compliantly.

  • Access to the latest enrollment and quoting technology.

  • A single login for multiple carriers from any device, anytime.

  • Extensive Learning Center full of guides, tips and materials for agents.

A powerful new platform with all you need to increase production this upcoming AEP – enrollment tools, CRM, Learning Center, and more!

* it can take 24 hours for MedicareCENTER accounts to be approved

MedicareCENTER Info & Training

NOTE: These resources should only be used for training purposes.

Call Recording How it Works – PDF | PowerPoint

MedicareCENTER Call Recording – FAQs | Help Guide | Agent Demo

CMS Call Recording FAQs

Send Quote from MedicareCENTER Guide

How to complete VBE/HRAs through MedicareCENTER.

The Integrity exclusive LeadCENTER platform has lead mapping feature makes it easy to find leads anywhere in the country. Use our county-based heatmap of the United States to fine, and order, new leads. Learn more here.

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