Here you will find all of the links and resources you need to have an efficient and compliant AEP!

We will be loading 2022 product information and resources as they come in. Please note that any plan year specific forms will have the year listed in the description. If you have any questions about when or how to use a specific form please email agentsupport@smsteam.net or call (800) 689-2800.

NOTICE FOR YOUR CLIENTS: Medicare Advantage Plans are marketed VERY heavily during the fall months. Medicare Advantage is NOT the same as Medicare Supplement insurance and Part D and requires a thorough explanation and review before making the move from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage.

Tell your clients it is wise to NEVER respond to a television commercial, junk mail advertisement, or telemarketing solicitation.  

Application Submission Options

The CONNECTURE-DEVELOPED, INTEGRITY-EXCLUSIVE enrollment platform that features game-changing technology that’s simple and easy to use.

Carrier Resources and Basic Certification Videos

Click a carrier logo below to find resources, training, and certification information specific to each company.

Forms, Materials, and Resources

Marketing Letters &
Appointment Materials
SOA Forms
& CMS Resources

Visit each individual carrier’s page by clicking the links below to access their scope of appointment forms.

Note: all carriers are required to accept any valid scope, regardless of the carrier who provided it. 

Sales Tools
and Resources
Virtual Admin
Training Videos

Navigating Carrier Websites

Learn how to check application status, use online enrollment, audit commissions, create marketing pieces, and the whole 9 yards for each of our main Medicare Advantage and PDP carriers. We will help make the complicated maze of carrier sites a quick and easy journey this AEP.

Compliance, Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

Let Senior Marketing Specialists help make sure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s. We’ll go over all general compliance concerns, as well as get you going on your yearly required Fraud, Waste, and Abuse training through CMS.

Using and Maneuvering Medicare.gov

Whether you’re looking for a brush-up on the yearly changes on Medicare.gov or are new to the business and have never run a drug plan quote, this session is for you. Join our seasoned trainers as they walk you through all the Medicare.gov resources and pages that you will be using on a day to day basis during the 2021 AEP.

Utilizing Senior Marketing Specialists Resources

Get a top to bottom tour of the Senior Marketing Specialists website, with stops along the way at instant online support, using the quote engine as a cross-selling tool, accessing free content for your social media pages, and much more. This webinar will bring you the basics (and some not so basic) of fully utilizing your relationship with Senior Marketing Specialists.

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Your experts at Senior Marketing Specialists want to help you grow your business. Take advantage of the opportunity to maximize growth this AEP!

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Check out our newest web-series on AEP. Featuring training on topics like What is AEP, Guidelines & Marketing Compliance, and non-face-to-face Selling.

The Connecture-developed, Integrity exclusive platform with enrollment tools, CRM, Learning Center, and more! Designed to make your client enrollments quick, painless and CMS compliant.

Designed to give agents a better understanding of the Med Advantage Annual Enrollment Period, what marketing in AEP looks like, great ideas, sample letters, and general tips and tricks to excel this AEP.