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The 2017 edition of talkingMEDICARE is here and ready for you! You may be familiar with our weekly talkingMEDICARE  publication. Well, this one is like that, but larger and organized into chapters for your convenience. Don’t worry, it’s still got all the links and juicy intell you love. So, what are you waiting for? Download it now for free! Here’s how.


Lemme Get my Hands on talkingMEDICARE 2017

We know you’re just teaming with excitement over this awesome resource. You’ll be even more over the moon to learn that it’s über simple to get your paws on a digital copy. 1: Click the ginormous button below. 2: Fill in your info. 3: Enjoy.

talkingMEDICARE 2017 Button


So, What is talkingMEDICARE 2017, Exactly?

The talkingMEDICARE book is a compilation of all the weekly talkingMEDICARE publications from 2016. You’ll find information on marketing, sales, statistics, specific carriers, and more! Each piece of information is paired with a link to a helpful website that you are encouraged to explore. But instead of having to look through 52 PDFs, it’s all in one place! You can peruse the chapters or do a Control+F search for certain topics. Interested in receiving the weekly emails? Sign up right here.


And Who Took the Time to Write it?

None other than Senior Marketing Specialists’ Dan Mangus, Vice President of Sales. Every week, Dan puts together tid bits of information that relate to questions we got from agents the previous week. He finds sources to back up his statements, too! This means we owe a huge thanks to each website cited in our talkingMEDICARE publications! We couldn’t do it without them.


If you chose to pass the download button above to collect your $200 (just kidding, sorry), we suggest you scroll up and check it out!