Medicare Café - How to Stand Out in the Medicare Market

How can you stand out in the market?  On the Medicare Café we are constantly looking at market trends, exploring ideas, and more to keep you relevant and top of mind. Join us for the next Medicare Café!

Here are quick tips from the various ideas and concepts we discuss on the Medicare Café:

  1. Social Media

It is no longer “should you be doing social media”, it is “how you are doing social media”.  According to Hootesuite, one of the most underserved markets, older Americans, has been one of the fastest growing ones using social media in 2020.  If your clients and prospects are going online, are they going to find you or your competition?

  1. Mailers

Mailers have been a staple in Medicare market for years.  With many agents turning to phones to expand their marketing, should mailers still be in your approach to marketing?  We talk about the pros and cons and if they are going to be in line with your goals. 

  1. Pro Partners

We are big on professional partners. Believe it or not, you are not the only professional your clients use.  There are other insurance agents, pharmacists, doctors, estate planning attorneys, CPA’s, etc.  Like you, they have a book of businesses. Like you, they want to be a resource to their clients. Like you, they want to expand their book of business. This is a great way to create a win-win-win situation.

These are just three examples of marketing methods and concepts we discuss on the Medicare Café.  We always encourage our Café members to join the conversation with their comments and questions so as a community we can become better agents for our clients and prospects. 

Join the conversation every Tuesday at 10 am CST.

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