Your experts at Senior Marketing Specialists want to help you grow your business. With the 2022 Cost Sharing Lead Program you can get a 50% discounted lead package from one of our top vendors!

To qualify simply submit 10 applications through carriers you have with Senior Marketing Specialists in the month prior. This can include Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, or a mix of both. The month after you qualify we’ll offer you a 50% discount on your selected lead package from Lead Concepts, Secure Agent Marketing, or Lead Heroes.

Targeted Online Leads

20 Medicare Leads

$250 Cost to Agent

$500 Value

Vendor: Secure Agent Marketing

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20 Medicare Supplement Leads

$300 Cost to Agent

$600 Value

Vendor: Lead Heroes

TV 72PPI-01

1000 piece Medicare Mailer

$260 Cost to Agent

$520 Value

Vendor: Lead Concepts

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Program runs to March 31, 2022 and can be discontinued at any time at the discretion of Senior Marketing Specialists. All decisions by Senior Marketing Specialists regarding this lead Cost Sharing program and/or its cancellation are final.

Qualifying business is an issued Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage policy issued by a carrier that the agent is currently and directly contracted with through Senior Marketing Specialists, excluding any not-taken policies during the free look period or cancellations.

Qualifying policy count to be determined through carrier production reports obtained by Senior Marketing Specialists. Monthly policy totals for each participating agent will be compiled and applied to the program by the 15th of each month.

To qualify for the Lead Cost Sharing Program, an eligible writing agent must be actively contracted directly through Senior Marketing Specialists, and remain in good standing during the entire applicable calendar year of the program. All lead Cost Sharing payments will be made directly to the lead vendor. No monetary payments will be made to agents.