What do you need to grow your business this AEP?

Your experts at Senior Marketing Specialists want to help you grow your business. We have two great opportunities for you to take advantage of to maximize growth this AEP! Why not make this your best year yet!

If you’re a certified and ready-to-sell agent with us review the options below, pick what would be best for your business, and submit the included form for consideration. A member of our cost share committee will review your request and give you a call to discuss how you can take advantage of this growth opportunity. 

Let’s team up! We’ll split the cost of leads with you!

We pay 50%, you pay 50%.


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Have a great idea to grow your business? Submit a business plan to us and see if we can help!

AEP CoOp Form

We can’t wait to hear your idea to grow your business! Fill out the fields below and we’ll be in touch soon.

EXAMPLE: X leads generated, Y attendance to event, Z lead close rate/number of apps generated.
EXAMPLE: Agent will order 125 Medicare Supplement T-65 leads from XYZ Leads over 10 weeks costing $25/lead in St. Louis County, MO. Since the leads cost $25 x 125 leads ordered = $3125 in total lead spend.
EXAMPLE: I will follow up a minimum of 7 times per lead via phone and email.
EXAMPLE: The goal is to close 20% of the leads which will result in 25 sales with products through Senior Marketing Specialists.

Please submit your marketing plan along with an up-to-date W9 with your request.

Click here for a blank W9.

Please submit an up-to-date W9 with your request.

Click here for a blank W9.

Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB

Disclaimer: agents must be certified and ready-to-sell with us before participating in this program.

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