Industry Update:

CMS has two Special Enrollment Periods (SEP’s) available now due to COVID 19

NAHU Clarification on the SEP’s:

Here’s some clarification regarding the FEMA SEP announcement.

The announcement has created a lot of confusion particularly around the applicable dates. There are two sets of dates, March 17 – June 17, equal to 3 months for Parts A and B. Along with March 1 – June 30 which is equal to 4 months for Medicare Advantage and Part D. The equable relief applies to those beneficiaries who were otherwise eligible for IEP, GEP or SEP, but due to COVID-19, were unable to exercise their enrollment rights. COVID-19 in of itself is not a trigger for an SEP, but if not for COVID, the beneficiary would have been able to enroll otherwise eligible to enroll in Medicare.