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Send us a referral, we take it from there. Crump’s licensed professionals are ready to make sales on your behalf for life, long term care, disability income insurance, and fixed annuity opportunities.

Once the policy is placed in force, you will receive fifty percent (50%) of the placed case commissions, payable in accordance with your existing compensation level reflected in Crump’s systems on a single-case basis when you are licensed in the state of sale.

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Crump’s Services

Crump’s sales and case management teams can assist you…

If you currently handle Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Disabilities or Annuities for your clients, that’s great. Crump’s sales and case management team can assist you in developing and processing more cases to grow your business.

Crump’s Solutions


Life Insurance


Your dedicated Crump Sales Team has extensive experience in the life marketplace and, working closely with the Crump Life Solution Center and Advanced Sales Team, will provide product support, competitive analysis and consultative case design, along with pre- and post-sale support.



As your single source for sales support, Crump understands the marketplace and will keep you informed of industry changes and product enhancements. The Crump Annuity Solution Center offers superior service, access to a competitive portfolio of annuity products from top carriers, and assistance in case design and comparing product options to meet your clients’ diverse needs.

Long Term Care 


As a major distributor of Long Term Care insurance (LTCi), Crump has the resources and expertise to make the sales process a lot simpler. 

Disability Income Insurance 


Supporting you in the sale of disability insurance (DI), Crump offers the benefits of working with a top distributor of DI, including access to a broad array of competitive products from top DI carriers.

About Crump

A competitive advantage – every brokerage company in our industry says they can bring it to you when it comes to getting the best offer on a particular case.  At Crump, being one of the largest brokerage organizations in the industry enables them to approach things a little differently.  Their extensive resources mean they are not just about that one case, they are about every case. And, they have learned how to use their size to your advantage – from leveraging their powerful carrier relationships to structuring solutions and negotiating offers, to their deep investment in technology that makes doing business with them more efficient, they can bring strengths that other firms don’t offer. 

 Crump’s commitment to service is the foundation of their business. Their dedicated insurance professionals, many with advanced sales and underwriting expertise, are singularly focused on delivering the high touch service you need to grow your business – one client relationship at a time.  And that is not just talk — Crump’s industry-leading client and employee retention and satisfaction rates deliver the one-two punch that proves their strength.

Crump offers you the best of both worlds – more resources and best in class service. Let the power of their world give your business a lift!

As a prominent independent wholesale distributor of life insurance, Crump links a national network of approximately 200,000 financial services professionals with the products manufactured by approximately 100+ highly rated insurance companies.

Crump is part of BB&T Insurance Holdings, Inc., the sixth largest broker internationally.

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    2. I acknowledge that Crump may accept or reject the submitted referral in its sole and absolute discretion. Crump shall timely communicate its acceptance or rejection of the referral with me.
    3. I acknowledge that if my referral results in a placed and effective insurance policy through Crump, then I will receive total compensation in the amount of fifty percent (50%) of the placed case commissions, payable in accordance with my existing compensation level reflected in Crump’s systems on a single-case basis when I am licensed in the state of sale.
    4. In consideration of the payable compensation described above, I waive and relinquish any ownership rights concerning the referral, any policy resulting from the referral and/or entitlement to any other compensation concerning the referral to Crump.