2020 Plan Year Info ↓

2020 Certification:

Opens the first week of July 2019

Certification Portal: https://www.cignahealthspringproducers.com/

Annual certification cutoff date to receive renewal commissions: More Information Coming Soon


2019 Plan Year Info ↓

2019 Cigna Product & Benefit Preview:

  1. Visit the Medicare Advantage section of our Products page by clicking here
  2. Scroll down to the Carrier selection box and select Cigna Healthspring (leave the state selection blank). Click Submit.
  3. Click Cigna Healthspring under the Product heading
  4. Click 2019 Cigna Benefit Preview under Available Product Forms


2019 Certification:

  • Access the certification website at: https://www.cignahealthspringproducers.com/
    • New and Returning Agents must complete their certification training online
    • Local face-to-face (instructor-led) training is recommended (but not required) for 2019 selling
  • If you have not completed your 2018 refresher training yet, completing this 2019 certification will certify you for both 2018 and 2019.  This means that in addition to writing 2019 business later this year, you will also be able to write 2018 business effective immediately!
  • To be eligible for reimbursement you need to complete your 2019 Certification by September 15, 2018 AND sell five (5) net January 1, 2019 effective applications, as outlined below:
    • Complete AHIP Training and all Cigna-HealthSpring required courses to receive $125 reimbursement
    • Complete Gorman Health Group Training and all Cigna-HealthSpring required courses to receive $99 reimbursement
    • Complete Pinpoint Medicare Training and all Cigna-HealthSpring required courses to receive $89.95 reimbursement
    • Note: if you previously completed and uploaded AHIP’s 2019 training as part of your 2018 certification process, you will need to upload your 2019 AHIP certificate again to satisfy 2019 certification requirements.
  • Local Market Reps/Training:
  • Certification for Renewals
    • All Agents must complete attestation requirements and certification by December 31, 2018, or forfeit renewal payments.
    • Agencies must complete attestation requirements by December 31, 2018, otherwise January 2019 payments will be withheld. Agencies that fail to complete these requirements by March 31, 2019, will forfeit payments.  Agencies should also log-in with their NPN number now.  They should have received two separate emails one for their username and a separate one with their current password.
  • AHIP Video Walkthrough – How to access AHIP (without carrier sponsorship)


Applications & Submission:

Cigna Fax Cover Sheet 2018

Cigna Application Submission Timing 2018

Cigna Pending Application Reference Guide 2018

Cigna E-App Walkthrough 2018


SOA Form:

2019 Cigna Scope of Appointment Form

2018 Cigna Scope of Appointment Form

Cigna Scope of Appointment Job Aid with Telephonic Scope Instructions 2018


General Information:

2019 Cigna MA Star Rating Chart 

2019 Cigna PDP Star Rating Chart

Cigna Agent Portal

Cigna Agent Portal Walkthrough 2018

Cigna Contact Information 2018

Cigna-Healthspring Delta Dental Benefits

Cigna OTC Catalog

Silver&Fit Locations


Provider and Formulary Look Up:

Cigna Pharmacy Networks & Drug Search

Cigna Provider Directory

Events, Presentations, and Materials:

Cigna Medicare Advantage Presentation

Cigna Sales Presentation Job Aid 2018