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Agent Guide

Take a more detailed look into how to prepare your business, and yourself, for the next phase of your journey.

Build Success – Then Enjoy It!

Finally, an FMO that helps you build your business, grow your business and retire to enjoy the success of your business. Read how we can help you.

I May Want To Sell My Agency – What Kind of Questions Will A Buyer Ask?

We know passing your client relationships on to another person to care for is a significant decision. We are here to help you navigate the process to make sure you can relax knowing you made wise decisions for yourself and your clients.

Setting Up Your Business as a Corporation

Whether you have been an agent in the field for years, or just getting started in the business, you might have questions on whether you should set up an official agency. There are additional costs to doing this, but there are plenty of reasons why it is worth the extra investment.

Benefits of Contracting as an Agency

Contracting Team Leader Natalie Kemp is here to cover some quick benefits of contracting as an agency rather than an individual.

Legacy Planning Starts on Day 1

Watch as Dan Mangus and Sadie Palmer discuss why setting your agency up for succession from the beginning is so important.

Succession Planning: Preparing for the Process of a Business Transfer or Sale

There are many unique pieces to the puzzle of business transfers. While each sale or transfer is different, there are some key items that usually are important to plan ahead for in every instance.

Succession Planning: Why Every Insurance Agent Should Pay Attention

Succession planning entails developing internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions or finding a company or successor to purchase the existing business when the time comes. Learn why it’s so crucial to your business.

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