Congratulations on becoming a Senior Marketing Specialists’ agent!

The SMS Agent On-boarding Team is excited to start working with you to get you acquainted with the entire team. It is our goal that over the course of your first year with Senior Marketing Specialists, that you are fully able to utilize the tools and resources that SMS provides to you as a contracted agent.

In addition to the valuable resources brought to you by the Agent On-boarding Team, your Sales Director will also be reaching out to you to help you implement new sales ideas, marketing pieces, and other business strategy take a ways’, should you wish to utilize them. Your Sales Director will be responsible for answering any questions you have about things like how to cross sell, how to get leads and referrals, and hiring staff or other agents.

What to expect when going through the on-boarding process:

  • A personal call to walk you through our website and quote engine tools
  • Walk-throughs for carrier websites
  • Help with checking on business you write
  • We can provide you with non-carrier branded compliant marketing materials
  • Learn how to find drug plans and when each client might hit the donut hole
  • Help with certifications and evaluating which products are competitive in your counties

As one of the nation’s largest FMOs we take your success very seriously. We are a dedicated team that will be here for you. In addition to your Sales Director and me we have a full support team that will be able to assist you with any issues that might come up. Please feel free to contact any of our specialists here.


Quick Resources for Agents

  • What is an FMO and Why work with Senior Marketing Specialists
  • Medicare.gov walkthrough
  • Quote Engine Walkthrough Video
  • Election Period assistant- Find or discover your clients election codes with just a few multiple choice questions. Learn more in the walkthrough video below.
  • Medicare 101 Courses on SMS-University – Learn the basics of Medicare (Great for new staff training as well!)
  • Want marketing material? We can help you with materials that advertise you and the products you sell. Did you know that Senior Marketing Specialists has 7 collections of marketing materials that are personalizable for you to order? Find out more in the walkthrough video below.
  • Have a new carrier, new admin staff, or just want walkthroughs of doing business for each career? – Call us for a How to do Business Guide!
  • Having trouble logging into a carrier website?- We have guides for that too!
  • Using a new eApp? – Yep, guides for that too!


Video’s and Walkthroughs


A Walkthrough of SMSteam.net 


      Quote Engine Walkthrough


What agents are saying about the SMS Agent Onboarding Program


“Hi Brittany. You and your team have done more for me than any other FMO. Next year I am planning on getting licensed in other states and Rachel has been very helpful and informative. I like that you have provided a newsletter that I can share with my clients and the quote engine makes my job a lot easier. My only regret is that I did not find you sooner. I have cancelled my contracts with the other FMO and have since signed on with SMS.”


“SMS is always open to share ideas to grow my business. I’ve never been involved with a FMO that offers the level of training, a dedicated representative, and the sharing of information that SMS offers to help me and my team succeed.”


“I’ll have to say… You are a huge help so far and I want to thank you!! I am new to all of this and I have not received this much help from anyone, you guys have a great operation and any agent working with you guys and gals are lucky. As soon as I am able to move all of my companies to SMS I will do in a heartbeat. I really appreciate the help…  You will be hearing a lot from me at first until I start understanding everything more. I am so excited!!!!”


“Rachel, Brittany, I want to thank the two of you for all you do and continually staying in touch with me and updating me. I wanted to let you know I just signed up my first client on IAC through telapp. This is by far the easiest app for both agent and client. Again thank you for everything.”