2020 Plan Year Info ↓

2020 Aetna Expansion Counties:


2020 Certification:

Opens July 10th, 2019 (includes Aetna and Silverscript)

www.AetnaMedicareProducerCertification.com – $50 discount off the AHIP (Total cost: $125)

  • PDP Certification (for renewal and new business) will be taken through the SilverScript Agent Portal and the
  • MA certification will be taken through the Aetna portal.
  • Both portals should link to the other site depending on which type of business the agent will be writing.

Click here to access the 2020 Certification Walkthrough Video  |  Password to access video: Aetna2020

Download the Aetna 2020 Certification User Guide

Annual certification cutoff date to receive renewal commissions: More Information Coming Soon


Applications & Submission:

2020 Aetna Enrollment Submission Instructions


2019 Plan Year Info ↓

2019 Aetna Product & Benefit Preview:

  1. Visit the Medicare Advantage section of our Products page by clicking here
  2. Scroll down to the Carrier selection box and select Coventry/Aetna (leave the state selection blank). Click Submit.
  3. Click Coventry/Aetna Medicare Advantage under the Product heading
  4. Click 2019 Aetna MA Benefit Preview under Available Product Forms


2019 Certification:

www.AetnaMedicareProducerCertification.com – $50 discount off the AHIP (Total cost: $125)

REQUIRED FOR 2019 – Agent must complete a market-specific training (online or in person) for all states & markets where you plan to sell MA/MAPD products. To sign up, go to www.AetnaMedicareAgentTraining.comStarting on 9/1/18, the Market Specific Training Deck will be on Producer World for the agents who wish to self-study.

Agents will see different choices on how they wish to complete their Market Specific Training, and they will have to attest in the certification site as to how they wish to complete this training:

    • In person or webinar
    • Self-Study
      • To access the self study information visit https://www.aetna.com/producer_public/login.fcc. Once you are logged in, click on Individual Medicare Products, then Products, and finally 2019 Market Specific Training.
      • Aetna will track the downloads to agent’s computers on their end to know who completed the Self-Study course.

AHIP Video Walkthrough – How to access AHIP (without carrier sponsorship)

2019 Certification Walkthrough


Supply Pre-Orders:

  1. First, make sure you’re ready to sell for 2018. You must wait at least 48 hours after becoming ready to sell to pre-order kits.
  2. Login to Producer World.
  3. Go to the “Individual Medicare” page.
  4. Scroll down and then click the orange “Order Enrollment Kits.”
  5. Next, login to the enrollment kit-ordering site using your National Producer Number (NPN).
  6. Follow the prompts to order your materials.


Applications & Submission:

2019 Aetna Coventry Enrollment Options and Fax Numbers

Accessing and Using Aetna Ascend Online Client Enrollment Tool

Aetna Ascend E-Kit Quick Start Guide (Windows) 2018

Aetna Ascend E-Kit Quick Start Guide (Mac) 2018

2018 Aetna Coventry Enrollment Options and Fax Numbers


SOA Form:

2019 Aetna Scope of Appointment Form

2018 Aetna Scope of Appointment Form

2018 Aetna Telephonic Scope of Appointment Instructions


General Information:

2019 Aetna Producer Guide

Aetna Coventry Local Market Manager Contact Information – Updated July 2017

2019 Aetna Brand Product Spreadsheet

2019 Coventry Brand Product Spreadsheet


Provider and Formulary Look Up:

Aetna Provider Directory

Compare Plans & Estimate Drug Costs

If you need to get an Evidence of Coverage or product specifics about Coventry / Aetna / First Health forms not including enrollment kits visit:  https://www.aetnamedicare.com/

  • Put in a zip code under Enter Zip Code and click on Shop for 2018 plans
  • Click View All Plans
  • Choose the plan that you want to know more about
  • Click on View Plan Details

If you scroll all the way down you can find out information about summary of benefits, formulary, prior authorization, step therapy, evidence of coverage, low income subsidy, and more.


Events, Presentations, and Materials:

Downloading the 2018 Aetna MAPD Consumer Facing Sales Presentation Video (Revised 10/11/2017)

Downloading the 2018 Coventry MAPD Consumer Facing Sales Presentation Video (Revised 10/11/2017)

Aetna Seminar Reporting Instructions

Aetna Seminar Reporting Template

Compliant Presentations (must be logged into Aetna’s website to access)

Aetna Compliance Tool – Quick Reference Guide

Aetna Marketing Videos

These may be shared with consumers AFTER 10/1/2018. They may be shown at sales seminars, member meeting, in provider offices, during home appointments, at kiosks and events, at senior centers or community centers (with permission from the organization). These videos can also be embedded in subscriber-based e-communications, like provider/broker e-newsletters. They are NOT to be used in an e-blast advertisement and at this time are NOT to be used on an social media sites, inc