With the 2017 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) fast approaching, it is time to start preparing! While October 15th is still months away, it will be here sooner than you think. Trust us.


What You Need to Know:

We went to the 2017 UHC Product Roll-Out to take notes on all the details for you. Now we will host not one, but two webinars on Friday, July 29th to reveal information about their 2017 Medicare Advantage Plans, Special Needs Plans, PDP’s, and Medicare Supplements!

Click here to REGISTER.

Tips for maximum information absorption:

  • Register soon as seats are limited.
  • Log in early.
  • Bring questions and comments!
  • Make popcorn. This is going to be good.


Reminder: It is a MAJOR CMS violation to share sneak peek information with the public prior to October 1st. This means no telling clients, non-insurance personnel, or even sharing on social media! We know you’re excited, but failure to comply has serious consequences, like losing your license.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, give us a call! 800-689-2800.

See you on July 29th!