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For specific product training, CE information, sales presentation, and more please visit our online SMS University campus.

April 2014 SMS Training Calendar
Find out about all of the upcoming training's in April that SMS has to offer and sign up today.

SMS Home Office Class Room Trainings
Find out what trainings are being held at the SMS Home Office in Columbia, MO this Spring.  All classes are free of charge to SMS contracted agents. Click here to sign up today.

March 2014 SMS Training Schedule
In the month of March you'll find online training's, face to face seminars and quick tips from SMS.  Click the link above for the full schedule.

SMS 2013 MA Products and Trainings by State
Use this handy tool to view all of the upcoming MA trainings and get a sneak peak of the 2014 products.  Simply click on your state to start learning.

It's Not Just AEP Anymore... MA Enrollment All Year Long
CMS recognizes nearly 30 different scenarios other than AEP and IEP where an individual may enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, PDP or both. 

* Low-Income Subsidy (LIS)
* Geographical Move
* Skilled nursing or Long Term Care Hospital Confinement
* Medicaid Eligibility

These are just a few of the many opportunities you can take advantage of to add new Medicare Advantage clients to your client list.  With our support, you could potentially increase your income by $30,000 to $40,000 annually as well as build a new client base to cross market to i.e. cancer plans, hospital plans, etc.
Fun Fact: Did you know that being released from prison qualifies a person for a special election into a MA, MAPD or PDP plan?  

Find out about the numerous year round selling opportunities for Medicare Advantage AND how to market to these specific clients. 

At Senior Marketing Specialists we have the answers. Visit the Meeting and Lecture Hall of SMS University to watch this video!

Home Healthcare Sales Tools, Procedures and Presentation Training
Medicare and a Medicare Supplement or MA will not pay the bills for recovery from an illness or accident in the future. These programs are designed for acute care and recovery will take place outside of the hospital.

Today much of the care that used to be provided in an assisted living facility or nursing home is being provided at home. However care at home can be expensive. Medicare is constantly cutting back benefits and cannot be a reliable source to pay for home care in the future.

Home Health Care policies have been around since the eighties. A new one from Kemper Senior Solutions is taking the senior age market by storm with easy underwriting and affordable premiums.

At Senior Marketing Specialists we have the answers. Visit the Meeting and Lecture Hall of SMS University to watch this video!

Reserve Your Spot in The Medicare Suite - SMS 2013
It's 2013, the election is over, we avoided the Fiscal Cliff, the Affordable Healthcare act has been upheld by the Supreme Court. So, back to business as usual....RIGHT????

What about????
*Larger A+ carriers dominating the Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage markets
*Fewer, IF ANY, smaller carriers planning Medicare Supplement market entry due to inability to capitalize reserves without re-insurance
*The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) have three proposals on the table to prohibit first dollar coverage for Medicare Supplements with proposed caps of $7,500 out-of pocket, EVEN WITH A SUPPLEMENT!!!
*More than 2,000 hospitals, including some nationally recognized ones, will be penalized by the government starting in October 2012 because many of their patients are readmitted soon after discharge.

At Senior Marketing Specialists we have the answers. Visit the Meeting and Lecture Hall of SMS University to watch this video!

The Story of Medicare: A Timeline

Check out this wonderful resource on information and history of Medicare, The Kaiser Foundation has put together a detailed timeline along with a 7 minute History of Medicare Video.  We recommend anyone doing business in the Senior Market or wanting to branch out into the Senior Market to take a few quick minutes to check these two items out.

Medicare Timeline:  

The Story of Medicare: A Timeline (Youtube video):

Final Expense 101
With clients concerned about the economy, and the explosion of the baby boomers heading into retirement, the need for this product has created tremendous growth in sales for this market.

Let us show you how you can exponentially increase your income from working leads you already have access to! This webinar will teach you how to prospect, present and sell Final Expense Plans.

We will outline why your clients need this and how you should go about selling it. We have the turn-key training selling system to skyrocket your production and commissions!

Register Now! - Tuesday @ 10:00am CST

Continuing Education Resources - WebCE
Is your license coming up for renewal and you need some CE Credits?  Check out WebCE's online courses for fast and affordable options.  Their website is, just click your state and your on your way.

LTC Partnership Training Now Available on WebCE

Make sure you don't lose your ability to sell LTC Partnership Plans.  Training is now faster and easier than ever.  Check out for more details.

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