AEP 365 – An Introduction

AEP | Annual Election Period | October 15th through December 7th Defined: Medicare beneficiaries can change their Medicare Advantage (Part C) or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) during this time for a January 1st effective date. This season, AEP, is one of the main enrollment times, and busiest seasons […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on December 12, 2017

Post AEP Election Period Opportunities

Re-Learning Life after AEP Getting back to non-AEP activities after the season has ended is like trying to tie your shoe after 30 years of wearing Velcro sneakers. It can be hard. Our schedules have changed, we are distracted by the holiday’s. Your immediate families, who became your “long lost” […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on December 8, 2017

10 Last Minute AEP ‘things’ to do Before December 7th

AEP is nearly over. At the risk of being overzealous this last week of AEP with information on cross-selling, maximizing the sale, asking for referrals, etc., the sole purpose of this update is to remind you about all the last minute random ‘things’ to do before AEP is officially over. So in […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on December 1, 2017

5 Relevant Ways to Earn Referrals

1. Quarterly Newsletter Depending on the study you read, sales people should have 5-7 “touches” every year with their clients. A quarterly email newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your clients! Some Content Ideas: Health Ideas CMS Materials Talking Medicare from Senior Marketing Specialists Uplifting News […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on November 27, 2017

Having a Post Appointment Plan

The end of an appointment is the beginning of a relationship. Don’t let the trust you built in an appointment deteriorate with lack of a post appointment plan. Once you leave an appointment what happens? Feel happy about earning a new client? Patting yourself on the back for helping put the […]

Published by Amanda Griffin on November 13, 2017